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Bucharest is one of the most visited cities in Europe. Its impressive buildings, ancient history and local culture create a desirable destination because of the combination of landscapes and attractions within the city itself.


Places to visit:

Parliament Palace

The imposing structure of the Romanian parliament was built by dictator Ceausescu and symbolizes his flamboyant style. The place attracts many visitors and is considered one of the largest and most expensive buildings in the world.
Address: Calea 13 Septembrie 1, Bucharest

National Museum of Art

The National Art Museum is actually composed of two museums that can be visited separately or together. Both of them hold works of art by the finest Romanian and European artists.
Address: Calea Victoriei no. 49-53, Bucharest


Tara Park – Luna Park

The only theme park in Bucharest is not large but offers half a day’s entertainment with the children.
Address: Bulevardul Timișoara 8A, Bucureşti 061301


The Romanian Athenaeum

The Athenaeum, which is considered one of the most important buildings in the city, is a very impressive building. It was first opened to the public in 1888 and has a spectacular façade. A large and beautiful auditorium, which includes unique decorations, tell the story of Romania and the various events that are associated with it. In this auditorium, which inspired the story of Dracula, the famous Count, there are concerts and various events.
Address: Benjamin Franklin 1-3
Opening hours: The place is open to visitors daily, from 13:30 until 16:00

Museum of Cottercini

The museum is housed in a building built in the 19th century and also served as Ceau§escu’s official residence when he ruled Romania. Today the museum presents an exhibition on the history of Bucharest and especially on the architecture of the city.
Address: Geniului 1, Bucharest

Victoria Avenue and Onari Square

The area where the best shopping centers and brand stores are concentrated.
Victoria Avenue has earned its reputation as the most beautiful street in town. It is long and elegant, and contains some of the most beautiful and important buildings in the city, such as the Museum of National History, Revolution Square and more. It is also the street where you will find the city’s luxurious hotels and luxury shops.

Hastrau Park

Park and lake, and the possibility of sailing for less than 20 NIS (a 25-minute cruise) to the village museum.This charming museum is entirely open-air, with 50 buildings representing the history and development of rural architecture in Romania. Wooden cabins, flour mills, barns, roofs, and other structures have been dismantled from all over the country and re-erected, with artisans producing various products in the old village methods.
Address: Shosha Kislev Boulevard 30-28. Tel. 222-90-10 (21)

Carol Park

In the big park you can enjoy pleasant walks, and a wonderful view of the city from the top of the monument.
Address: Cerva Serban Vodá Street
The Corral Synagogue
The central synagogue of the city’s Jews, which is very impressive and grand, is the largest active synagogue in Bucharest, known for its architecture and controversies surrounding the nature of worship in the synagogue.
Address: Swanta Vinry St. 9. Tel. 312 (21)

Excursions in the area

Livnat Yehuda  Mobile: 0040734708370 
Pick up from the hotel speaks fluent Hebrew) – check for responsible etc. before recommending
Cost per day 70 Euro, does not include fuel.
Departure from Bucharest to Brasov and Sinaia – a daily route of about 300 km.
Sienia – Palace of Flush
(Opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday: 9am – 9pm, for a full tour, please arrive before 15:30.)
A two-stage incline in the cable car to a height of 2000 meters at a cost of 27 lei. Then north to Fradal and turn left to Baran-Dracula Castle, although it has nothing to do with the hero of the novel or the real prince Vlad Sfesh whose character was based on the writer. The village is picturesque and charming, the mountains are impressive, the nature is wonderful, then north to Reshenov-Tira / Castle at the top of the mountain, on a winding, narrow and beautiful road north to the international ski resort of Poiana-Brasov.
The beautiful city of Brasov, a tour in the ancient heart with the possibility of boarding a cable car to view the city. The „Carpathian Pearl” is filled with impressive buildings, including the Town Hall, the Clock Tower and more. The main square is large, colorful and bustling with people. The colorful pedestrian mall is full of shops and stalls. The synagogue is magnificent and impressive, and it is definitely worth a visit. The forest surrounds the city in all its glory.

Mines in Slavic Prakhova

Entrance to salt mines in Slavic Prakhova costs 13 lei. We take an elevator 200 meters to the salt mines. The air is saturated with salt and the walls and ceiling from salt. You can see salt everywhere. The place is huge and there is even a soccer field and a lake. Dark lighting gives the place a mysterious look.


Nearby and recommended hotels








Car Rental

You can rent a car at the airport. There are a selection of well-known companies such as Avis, Sixt, and Ofran. We recommend that you compare the prices on the sites and book in advance to save money and hassle on arrival.

Public Transport

Metro tickets can be purchased at all stations, there are tickets for single-trip tickets, a two-way ticket for about five lei, tickets for ten city trips, and 20-way tickets. You can also buy a daily ticket for 8 lei, called Activ or weekly at 25 lei , Tickets that can be used both on the bus and on the metro.

The tickets can be bought at the RATB ticket counters or at the stations. You can buy a white color card called Multiplu, which can be loaded for the entire day without limitation, while the white green card can be loaded up to 50 Lei.
When boarding a bus and trams, you must transfer the Multiple Card or the Activ card over an orange device until you hear a beep confirming the reading of the card. The screen will tell you the balance of your card, children under the age of seven are exempt from payment.
The regular hours of public transport stop working at 22:50, on weekends a little earlier, when the night buses depart from Piata Unirii square, taking their hourly work from one exit to another.
Public transportation is open between 05:00 and 24:00 for rush hours in the morning between 06:00 and 08:30 and in the afternoon between 15:00 and 17:30. Tickets must be purchased in advance at the stalls or kiosks called Bilet or Casa, Some of which are located near the stations, it is important to stamp them when boarding the vehicles.

The Metro

Metro lines operate from 05:00 to 23:00. The trains and locomotives are relatively new and cheap. The 2M line running from north to south in Bucharest suffers from overcrowding throughout the day.


In Bucharest there is no night rate, payment per minute or kilometer. It is recommended to start a discussion with the driver, before you take the taxi to agree on the price before the journey begins.

Buying a Sim in Bucharest


You can purchase a package abroad through your Israeli operator
You can purchase Sim at Orange, Voda phone

Currency exchange

At the airport in Israel
At the airport in Romania

Can be made in banks, and can be done by authorized stations called „casa de schimb” and / or „birou de schimb valutar”. Such stations can be found at airports with international flights and large hotels.
In most cases, you will encounter problems in exchange for marked, torn or very worn banknotes, so it is recommended that the notes you bring with you be in good condition.

Emergency phone numbers


955  – Police

112 –  Emergency services

961 –  Ambulance

981 – Fire Brigade

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