About Moise Restaurant

Dusk in Bucharest – Romania. After a long day of sightseeing, shopping, and meetings there is nothing like ending the day knowing that a hearty meal awaits you, combining an authentic Israeli menu with local Romanian food.

In the center of Bucharest, in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, alongside the ancient buildings on the central boulevard, is a kosher restaurant, Moise House, where you can enjoy a unique culinary experience. A variety of dishes created by chef (name?) Combine the rich flavors of Israeli cuisine with traditional Romanian fare- a combination that is worthwhile visiting from afar to experience; A meat grill that includes the Romanian Kebab known for its juicy and delicious flavor, the Churba a sour soup with delicate meatballs next to the famous melange and other casserole dishes Romanians famous for.

We have not neglected the desserts: you can choose from variety like homemade cakes, ice cream, and traditional Romanian desserts. All this is strictly kosher in a unique Israeli-Romanian atmosphere that reminds you of home and vacation simultaneously the same time. Not only did you not have to bring food from home, the food became the highlight of the trip!

Special events

Sheva Brachot, Shabbat Hatan, a special birthday, a party for close friends and in fact any event you wish to turn into unforgettable memories: We will create a rich and unique menu with an Israeli home feeling and exotic variety. All of course high quality, richly designed and with meticulous observance of Kashrut.
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Looking for a top culinary experience
in Bucharest?

Moise will prepare an amazing menu for any occasion!
Catering services and hospitality management, offering a variety of high quality delectable dishes from fresh products, with creative ideas and a varied menu that includes unusual flavors and aromas.

Kosher store

One of the things that deters kosher keeping travellers from certain destinations is the thought of not being able to find kosher products in variety and ready availability. The idea of remaining hungry, or having to make do with basic and tasteless food for many days, distances us from areas that may be attractive in any other constellation. In order to complete the experience and save you the stress and unpleasantness of carrying food in heavy suitcases, we opened a shop next to the restaurant where you can buy products when you prefer not to sit down and eat at the restaurant. Before embarking on a long day of sightseeing, you can get anything you want for the trip. Now you can fly to Romania relaxed, pack lightly and know that on the other side you have all the options for quality kosher food, hassle free and at reasonable prices.
חנות-מוצרים כשרה